Elevate Your Beauty, Illuminate Your Skin

Discover a new dimension of skincare excellence at Magnum Skin Clinic. We are more than a clinic; we are architects of beauty, sculpting a canvas that reflects your individuality. With a team of seasoned dermatologists and cutting-edge technology, we bring precision and expertise to every skincare solution.

Your Trusted Partner in Dermatology

At Magnum Skin Clinic, we blend expertise and innovation to deliver top-notch dermatological care. Our team of experienced dermatologists is dedicated to enhancing your skin health and beauty through advanced treatments and personalized care.

Our Mission & Vission

At Magnum Skin Clinic, our mission is to empower individuals by enhancing their skin health and beauty. Our vision is to be the forefront of skincare innovation, where every client experiences the transformative power of science-backed treatments delivered with compassion.

Dr. Maira Khan (MBBS)

Meet Dr. Maira Khan, your devoted aesthetic GP. With an MBBS qualification and a passion for enhancing beauty, Dr. Khan brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to her practice. Having worked in various medical settings. She has honed her skills in aesthetic medicine, specializing in treatments like fillers, thread lifts, and Botox. Driven by the belief that everyone possesses innate beauty, Dr. Khan is committed to helping her clients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Services We Offer

Discover a range of cutting-edge services tailored to meet your skincare needs.

What To Expect When You Arrive For Your Appointment?

Experience a seamless arrival at Magnum Skin Clinic, where a welcoming environment awaits. Our efficient check-in process ensures minimal wait times. 

Our expert dermatologists are ready to provide personalized, attentive care, crafting a tailored treatment plan to address your unique skincare needs. Your journey to healthier, radiant skin begins the moment you arrive.

Innovation for Your Beauty!

Embrace the latest advancements in skincare with Magnum Skin Clinic. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you receive the most effective and modern treatments for radiant, healthy skin.”

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Magnum Skin Clinic, we prioritize excellence in every aspect of our practice. From cutting-edge treatments to a warm, client-focused approach, our commitment is to exceed your expectations.

Tailored Care

Our dermatologists create personalized skincare plans, addressing your unique needs for a customized and effective approach, ensuring the best results for your skin.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Magnum Skin Clinic integrates state-of-the-art technology in every treatment, ensuring you experience the latest advancements for long-lasting and remarkable results in skincare.

Expertise with Empathy

Our team of experienced dermatologists combines expertise with a compassionate approach, providing not only effective treatments but also a caring environment for your overall well-being.